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How It Works…

PassTime™ will allow the Dealer, Finance Company, Bank or Rental operator to monitor customer payments without having the customer return to the finance location.

PassTime™ is placed in the financed vehicle. Each time the customer makes a payment, a new pass code is issued, the customer enters the code and the vehicle is good to go until the next pay period.

Warning beeps are given before the due date reminding the customer it is time to make a payment!
vertical linecash   Exclusive 4-Step Collection Program

  • Training the Customer to LISTEN. Via the Passive Security System your customer is trained to listen and pay attention to your On-Board Collector every time they start your car.
  • PassTime™ Sounds a WARNING when a payment is due. At this point when your customer starts and stops your car a warning will sound for 15 seconds telling them their payment is now due.
  • YOUR CAR WILL NOT START; reinforcing the fact "Your Payment is Due". When the car has timed out the customer's stress level is peaked. They are down to their last 48-hours to drive your car without making a payment. At this point they must take the remote control and enter the emergency code that will give them 24-hours of starting and can only be used twice between payments.
  • The car will not start until they either make their payment or come to an arrangement with you.